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What is isoHunt?

If you are new to isoHunt, you might have been wondering what it is. IsoHunt is simply the place where you can download latest movies, music, games and software. It is driven on a huge P2P bittorrent engine, where users share audio, video, application files etc. It’s the easiest and fastest way for file trading. Today, millions of people are using isoHunt and what’s most important – file sharing and downloading is free for users.

IsoHunt is the most popular and advanced P2P search engine in the world. It is the huge community, word-to-mouth popularity and the professional team that makes isoHunt a reliable and valuable P2P environment. All torrents are updated daily and indexed for clean and functional files, which makes isoHunt the best P2P files’ sharing engine. Try it yourself and browse new 2011 torrents for most popular games, movies, music and software using isoHunt Pro. The new bittorrent system let’s you also choose what’s new and popular.

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The new isoHunt Pro system launched in February 2011 makes isoHunt an even better file sharing environment. We are developing the platform regularly to keep the quality of torrents as high as possible. With isoHunt Pro you get full access to best seeders online, HD movie quality, high-quality audio files, latest computer games and much more. Downloading movies has never been faster than the new isoHunt Pro makes it possible. Now you get full HD movies in minutes! Try it yourself. It is free for users. IsoHunt Pro is a revolution in the world of file sharing.

How to use isoHunt torrents

Isohunt torrents allow you to download instantly best audio-video files and applications, computer games included. Torrents are updated on a daily basis and new torrents added weekly to maximize the performance of our search engine.

If you are new to isoHunt, simply fill in the Signup form that takes only a few minutes and you are ready to start sharing files. Boost your downloads with the new isoHunt Pro version. It is free for users. Millions of people all over the world share their files with isoHunt and that makes it the leading bittorrent engine on the web.

More about isoHunt

Peer-to-peer file sharing, like isoHunt started with huge action in 2000. A programmer from US, Kevin Bermeister created the first platform which was successfully tested to share files with every user. Soon it started to work under the Gnutella system to spread media worldwide. Furthermore, its popularity has begun to grow rapidly since 2005. IsoHunt is one of the most well-known bittorrent search engines on the net. bittorrent networking is the most effective way of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. Since 2005, isoHunt has become the primary engine for its users to trade audio, video, e-books, applications, software and games. Torrents are more popular with students, youngsters and middle aged people. IsoHunt torrents work by getting small bits of files from thousands of different places at the same time. It is very simple to use and free for users. The isoHunt community has lately grown to millions of users all over the world. As newest torrent engines filter out infected and corrupt files, isoHunt is besides free of adware. Download performance is fast and reliable. The isoHunt Pro version gives you amazing speed and results when downloading music, HD movies or any other shared files. The popularity and usage of isoHunt is growing massively. When thinking of all the gigabytes of files transferred, isoHunt and the bittorrent network is the most active place on the net today.

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The free torrents downloader and widely used BitTorrent download site, isoHunt, with pro version here at, has more than 1.7 million torrent files in its searchable database. IsoHunt also contains 20 million peers, making it a very popular BitTorrent search engine and directory. BitTorrent is a type of file-sharing protocol, and isoHunt is consistently operating to be one of the most famous in the world for sharing and transferring large music and movie files. It was founded by the Canadian, Gary Fung, on January 2003. To date, it also claims to be the oldest major BitTorrent search engine that is still in operation since the year 2003 when so many other P2P networks and websites have closed down because of financial or legal reasons, isoHunt has remained strong, especially with its pro version now released.

As of 2008, isoHunt became the third most popular BitTorrent site in the world. It acts as a free torrents downloader and a good, if not the best torrent search engine. According to, it is ranked number four in its list of best torrent downloading websites for P2P users worldwide. Although the isoHunt torrent site was plagued by several lawsuits from the recording industry, the isoHunt team continued to offer great and unparalleled service to its users.

IsoHunt is the most advanced torrent search engine and its tracker statistics for indexed torrents are updated every hour to include the most recent releases to isoHunt. An easy-to-use and reliably fast search box browses the entire torrents directory for the targeted keywords. IsoHunt is widely used by torrent downloaders anywhere in the world and it averages twelve million searches every day. It boasts of two servers operating simultaneously in Canada and Sweden.

One very good thing about the isoHunt community is the fact that it makes an effort to monitor and eventually warn users from downloading fake torrent files. Supporters of the isoHunt site suggested a lot of ways to identify whether a certain movie or music file is fake (viruses, codec scam files, etc.) or not. Users advise to confirm the release dates of both the isoHunt torrent and the actual movie. They also dissuade users to stay away from the following software because they are typically used for seeding keyloggers, trojans, malware, and fraudulent codec downloaders. IsoHunt users also recommend .avi and .mkv file types in place of the more troublesome .wma and .wmv. File types like .rar, .tar, and .ace may also be malware-ridden or suspicious. Moreover, scam or fake files usually come with pop-ups for special instructions, password instructions, or .exe files included. Executable file downloads are not necessary to run movie or music files, so whenever a pop-up is generated, it is best to stay away from that particular torrent file. Most importantly, the isoHunt community advocates always reading the user comments on each torrent file in order to download only the legitimate movie and music files. In short, trust only the files with several green positive replies or comments at the isoHunt directory.