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Q: What is isoHunt?

A: isoHunt is one of the most popular P2P torrent engines in the world that ables you to download unlimited files for free.


Q: What is isoHunt Pro 2011?

A: It is the new, 3x faster and with lots of more torrents and possibilities including P2P search engine where you can download HD movies, high-quality music, games, software and much more.


Q: What can I do with isoHunt?

A: You can share files with other users and download movies, music, games and software applications.


Q: How many people use isoHunt?

A: It has almost 3,000,000 users today.


Q: How can I use isoHunt?

A: Become a member of isoHunt Pro and start trading files. Sign up here


Q: How much does downloading cost?

A: It is free for users.


Q: How do I uninstall?

A: Go to Start – Settings – Control Panel. Choose “Uninstall a program” and find the specific application label. Then click to remove.