isoHunt Lite to isoHunt Pro 2011

After several cases of determining liability for violation, isoHunt had to reduce the download possibilities to a lighter version called isoHunt Lite that had so far been the only possibility of isoHunt for US and south eastern Canada users since April 5, 2010. For this day, the only way US users could access the full version, was using web proxies to hide their location. It was frustrating and slow.

But not anymore! In 2011, we have developed the brand new, noticeably better and faster version for downloading files that is called isoHunt Pro. It is also available for US and Canada users as for any other location! The new isoHunt torrents, high download speed up to 7000kb/s, unlimited downloads and special bonuses for members, make the version incredibly popular. That is why about 2/3 of our visitors register as members.

You can read more about it here or get instant access to millions of people worldwide sharing files now:





More about isoHunt Lite

IsoHunt is a famous site for torrent downloads based in Canada and US. However, there have been a few concerns about the site allowing people to host copyright material. This is the reason why the site got dragged into courts. It seems like that there is only one solution to this – the new isoHunt Pro that is even more better than the temporary isoHunt Lite version. However, the issue got severe when Gary Fung, founder of isoHunt, brought the isoHunt Lite into introduction. He also made an appeal to the court about the release of this new version. The Canadian and US sites has received several blames for enabling its users to place copyright data. However, it is not the only one to receive such blames.

In December 2009, the case was closed after some legal and official activities. However, the torrent was proven guilty of infringement by the court. The court issued notice for the website to remove all the infringement stuff from there site. This is the time when Gary Fung made his decisions on bringing out the replacement for the original search engine. IsoHunt Lite would change the things making it work like a simple peer to peer to peer Bit Torrent engine. It will share its functionalities with those of Google. However, it will specialize only in torrents.

The visitors of the site from the US will be directed automatically towards the isoHunt Lite or Pro version of the Torrent engine. Fung strongly believes that visitors will understand the reason for such a redirection. Our intentions have never been to make inducements on what we have done, and we have live evidence that will prove everything. The introduction of isoHunt Lite is just an attempt towards proving that isoHunt is just a P2P search engine, and nothing else than that. It affords all the neutrality that the web requires it to afford. Founder of the site also addressed during the release that this site is not different from any other search engine other available on the web.

Many people will now think that why would they choose isoHunt for searching the web when they can do it in any search engine. The only difference is in the way that isoHunt Lite produces results for a search. Visitors will not find this functionality in any other general search engine. This peer to peer software shows results on the basis of seeds that a particular site has obtained. IsoHunt Lite does not produce results on the basis of rankings on various search engines.

The founder of this site believes that the introduction of isoHunt Pro is a cunning and dynamic move despite of various blames on the site for copyright infringement. They also have tried to get rid off of some core issues concerning copyrighted material being there in the website. All the lawsuits would soon be taken care of by presenting live evidences to the court, as told by Fung. This new version also provides ratings and rakings. It will change the entire outlook of the site making it far more intangible than before.