The whole online world was shocked this month after isoHunt, one of the main torrent sites since 2003, announced to be shut down very soon. The reason for that was its long ongoing court case with MPAA that accused isoHunt in promoting copyright infringement, and therefore wanted it to pay fine and close the business. IsoHunt’s founder Gary Fung said there was no other choice to let his little baby go. So after isoHunt is […]

The isoHunt movies part of website is a well-known torrent category in many parts of the world. It is the famous website of the torrent tracker. There is hardly anyone on this earth who is not acquainted with the name torrent. The isoHunt movies website is a dreamland for the people who love movies. Movies being an undoubtedly wonderful medium of entertainment, they are always in demand. Different people like different kinds of movies. This […]

Today, almost everyone has already heard about isoHunt. The reason for this is that this software contains more than 1.7 million torrents inside its database. This thing indirectly means that its users can easily find millions of peers, which belong to indexed torrents. In case that you do not know it yet, this software is actually a BitTorrent index, which allows users to exchange different files. Also known as P2P sharing program, this software allows […]

isoHunt is a BitTorrent search engine on the web that offers comprehensive features to the users. One should not feel surprised with the work that isohunt does for its users. It indexes the links of copyright materials and copy left shared by users all over the Web. The amount of discrimination is not fixed. The infringement from these links can lead to statutory damages of a lot of dollars. Torrent links are there indexed on […]

A number of individuals are now linked online, and they are conscious about the variety of media, which is used by an individual for communication with the other party, and isoHunt being one of them. Though, a majority of individuals looking for ways and means through which they share files easily and get all the current information, which is helpful for them. The latest sensation in the current market is the utilization of isoHunt Pro, […]

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It is hilarious! IsoHunt has already 1,500,000 users and the number is growing rapidly! We are improving the search engine and developing new torrents all the time to hold top P2P positions. We thank our users for the support and loyalty. Respect!

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