isoHunt is a BitTorrent search engine on the web that offers comprehensive features to the users. One should not feel surprised with the work that isohunt does for its users. It indexes the links of copyright materials and copy left shared by users all over the Web. The amount of discrimination is not fixed. The infringement from these links can lead to statutory damages of a lot of dollars. Torrent links are there indexed on isohunt with millions of files. Only difficulty that this peer to peer Bit Torrent faces is to determine the owner of different copyright files. This can only be done by describing the files in the indexes of this p2p torrent system. Copyright holders may have different wishes regarding the files that have been indexed by this search engine.

Copyright holders can be any business personality or an actor or any individual. It can also be a singer or a music company for holding copyright of their music. They can be a film making company or any professional involved in movie. Such professionals might hold the copyrights of their movie or album. Such holders of copyrights can hang on their copyrights for a long time, and they can sue the people who try to make any kind of infringement to their material. They can blame on the respected person who have tried to cause infringes on his or her copyright material.

One can also look forward to make settlement with those who have created infringes to the copyright material. This is the situation when isoHunt comes to the existence of users. Copyright holders do not always have to neccissiate the people who have made infringe with their material, but they can communicate with the other party to compromise and settle the issue. This will benefit both the holders and infringe makers. However, if this does not work, then holders can certainly knock the doors of the local court to take the matter to a suitable solution. IsoHunt take every holder as a friend or as a trusted business partner, and it becomes important for it to take the thieves to the required justice for the said crime.

Anti-piracy programmers and senior architects are there that take care of the details about various copyright holders that have file listings on the isoHunt indexes. They manage the details of different copyright holders that have files on these indexes. They also maintain the status of each file on the index of this p2p torrent system. The job of the programmer is also to determine files with a separate file name, because the torrent system does not have access or host to these files. Architects also have the responsibility to create a database that will reference the status and ownership of various copyright holders on the Indexes. It is only because there is no such database that will share these files with the torrent system. These programmers and architects are all well qualified and experienced.