Today, almost everyone has already heard about isoHunt. The reason for this is that this software contains more than 1.7 million torrents inside its database. This thing indirectly means that its users can easily find millions of peers, which belong to indexed torrents. In case that you do not know it yet, this software is actually a BitTorrent index, which allows users to exchange different files. Also known as P2P sharing program, this software allows thousands of users to upload and download different data simultaneously.

Discover the Most Important of isoHunt 2012

The truth is that unlike many other programs, this software does not provide any new versions. Therefore, if you are searching for the name of this program along with a number, such as 2, 3, or 4, which should relate to any of its versions, you will be disappointed to see that the search engines do not highlight any conclusive results. But despite this fact, you should know that the developer actually improves this platform constantly, allowing users to enjoy a truly great experience. Therefore, although you cannot really find any new and old versions of isoHunt, you can be sure of the fact that this system delivers numerous improvements and will be improved in 2012 as well.

A truly great function that you can find these days is the upload and download-speed adjustment. The system allows you to adjust the upload and download speeds in order to benefit from faster upload or download speeds. In order to comprehend the workability of this feature, you should know that the uploading and downloading speeds function as an inverse ratio. This thing actually means that if you wish to increase the download speed, the only thing that you have to do is to decrease the upload speed.

Obviously, if you wish to reverse this operation, you have to decrease the download speed in order to increase the upload speed.

Another great thing is the fact that you can find a supplementary program, known as isoHunt downloader. You can choose to open the iso torrent through its download software, which provides different details with regard to a few functions, such as the data that has already been downloaded, how much time it needs to download completely, and others.

isoHunt and Its Benefits

None can deny the fact that this program is quite unique. And this is because unlike many other similar programs, it allows users to upload and download files simultaneously. Most P2P systems allow users to download or upload data without making possible the transfer in both directions. Therefore, if you choose isoHunt, you can be sure of the fact that you will get a truly great functionality, which allows you to download any type of files, including music, movies, software, applications, and many others.

Another great advantage relates to the fact that this program is completely legal and safe to use. And obviously, the fact that isoHunt allows users to download different data that might not be found via other platforms turns it into a truly valuable media tool, which is definitely a lot different from those that we can usually find over the web.