The whole online world was shocked this month after isoHunt, one of the main torrent sites since 2003, announced to be shut down very soon. The reason for that was its long ongoing court case with MPAA that accused isoHunt in promoting copyright infringement, and therefore wanted it to pay fine and close the business. IsoHunt’s founder Gary Fung said there was no other choice to let his little baby go. So after isoHunt is shut down in 2013 we ask ourselves what are alternatives for that source.

Ten years ago this miracle was born that has served millions of users to this day offering to share and download files online. At least as its founder and owner Gary Fung has said, he takes isoHunt as his little baby. Eight years out of ten, this little baby has been forced to take part in legal action, being sued by MPAA to continually provide and promote copyrighted materials. Of course all the movie and music industries are mad about isoHunt, being afraid that it hurts their incomes badly. To be honest, artists and actors themselves see it as a promotion channel and feel good about it.

Long story short, Fung is now determined to close isoHunt’s website and pay $110 million as a fine. When some days ago an anonymous source claimed to be making backup of isoHunt, the website went offline. Fung said he did not want anyone to copy the site’s content, as all the materials are available online through other channels and he does not want to be part in this. Now as Fung said, all the materials are available. Yes, they are. So basically, what did we lose by isoHunt going offline. We did lose a comfort search engine and a website containing lots of information and a helpful forum. But we did not lose file-sharing. So what are the alternatives to isoHunt in 2013? I say there are lots of alternative sources. One has to get himself a decent program to share files with his online friends. And I do not want to encourage you people to share illegal content or copyrighted materials, no not that. I want to express my wish to keep the internet free, so all of you could send each other your own content and materials, let it be what so ever. So look for isoHunt alternatives and make use of good software found online, and the most important part – do not let yourself down because of isoHunt’s happening. Even as Gary Fung said – he’ll be back!